O U R    S T O R Y

The Natty was created by our founder Nadia Fauzi, more commonly known by her Instagram persona @grungeee. Distinctly recognisable by her love of all things monochrome, food, travel, lifestyle, and family, Nadia’s creative vision and styling culminates in the label’s birth. After a gap of almost 12 years, Nadia became pregnant with baby number two, but wasn’t impressed about the choice (or lack thereof) of maternity wear, which reflected her own minimalist fashion aesthetic. She wanted clothes that were stylish and classic, yet could work double duty whether she was pregnant or not. And because she couldn’t find exactly what she wanted, she decided to create her own line instead.

The Natty’s design essentials mix ethical and sustainable materials with attention to detail and a clean and functional aesthetic. Our ladies line also extends to gender-neutral children and babies clothing, which are big on stylish functionality and playful minimalism. Our pieces are limited in manufacture to ensure high quality. 

All of which leads full circle to the name that we chose; natty meaning a person or an article of clothing that is smart and fashionable, well designed and clever (let us know if you think so too)!

The Natty is owned and operated by family-owned company Adam Arif Limited, of 152-160 City Road, London EC1V 2NX, United Kingdom (Registered in England No: 11683616; VAT No: 323 6620 23). All our pieces are made in Turkey and our organic cottons are GOTS-certified.

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