Christmas Shop

Wrap up 2020 with winter dreams and new family traditions with The Natty. We offer a great selection of Christmas gifts for your little ones, your loved ones and yourself. With Christmas fast approaching, we strongly advise that you place your order as soon as possible to avoid any unexpected delays in this unique festival season.

We hope you will find the perfect outfit and gift in our Christmas Shop.

Give Back Friday - 20% Savings

Shop Small.
Shop Slowly.
Shop Meaningful.

At The Natty, we are always concerned about issues surrounding over-consumption and impulse-driven purchases. Whilst we understand the appeal of savings, we are committed to educate a meaningful consumption experience. Today, also known as Black Friday, we invite you to shop meaningful, shop small and shop slowly with our Give Back Friday campaign.

The Natty is offering 20% savings on selected items and for every purchase you make, we will match it as a donation to The Salvation Army.

Our 20% savings and give-back campaign runs until 4 December 2020 in conjunction with MUMRUNMONDAY.

Use code “MUMRUN” to receive the 20% savings.

Slow living lies at the heart of our brand and the values we stand for. We hope that this resonates with you.