Salam Perantauan

Six years on, our family continues to celebrate Eid on a foreign land which we now call home. Having been abroad all these years we frequently find ourselves recollecting those warm, seemingly not-so-distant memories of celebrating Eid back in Malaysia. This year, the sense of longing for that familiarity intensifies. With all that is happening to and around us, Eid 2020 will be a unique experience for each and every one of us, bringing new meanings to celebration and togetherness.

The Natty is proud to introduce its first Eid Collection — Salam Perantauan, which means greetings from abroad. In this time of uncertainty, The Natty's Eid range offers calm and peace with minimalist yet fun designs. Providing a little piece of home, the Salam Perantauan collection by The Natty is inherently connected to Malaysia, no matter where in the world you may be.

With hopes that we are all healing together, albeit in isolation, Salam Perantauan is here to reinvigorate our Eid celebration this year in the new normal.

Sending love from afar,
Nadia and Irwan x