A thank you from The Natty

It’s been a difficult time for many of us since the pandemic. Despite this, our customers have been supportive of our small business. With your continuous support at The Natty, we were able to give back by donating part of our profits to several organisations, helping those negatively affected by the coronavirus.

When we first started selling our face masks in 2020, we started a small initiative by donating to Buku Jalan Chow Kit (BJCK), a non-profit that provides free education to urban-poor children of Chow Kit, Kuala Lumpur. Last Christmas, we managed to match purchases from our Christmas Shop with a donation to The Salvation Army as Christmas presents. In line with this, we also donated to Solving Kids’ Cancer, providing support to families during the festive season. Recently, things have become extremely challenging for people in Malaysia. Our team decided to help the community through Syarikat Tuah Bersaudara and Groove Grocer with their local food bank initiatives.

We could not have done any of these without you. By supporting our small business, you have enabled us to do more for the community, both here in the UK as well as in Malaysia. Thank you for always supporting us at The Natty.

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